Ab-Initio Customers – YES You Can Do It!

Enjoyed a great week teaching an initial A320 type rating course for five fellow aviators. I always take special pride in working with ab-initio customers and this class had two such candidates fresh from commercial pilot training, one customer who is from Egypt and the other is from Madagascar. Both are awesome hard-working guys dedicated to advancing their careers.

Obtaining a type rating is hard work. There is a ton of new information to learn and memorize. People have correctly described  these courses as trying to take a sip out of a fire house. I like to say it’s like eating an elephant, it may be to big to eat all at once but very manageable if broken down into small bites.

Having never gone through this type of training before, ab-inititio customers especially need help and guidance knowing how to study. They need someone to show them how to break the elephant down into bites.

My two customers expressed their concerns many times this past week, will they be able to do it? My answer is yes! Although it’s a daunting task we should all take comfort in knowing that thousands of pilots have done it successfully and you can too!