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A few of our Industry Partners & Associates include:


And Introducing a few members of our AeroStar team:

Deidra Toye – Owner & CEO

Deidra has over 13 years of experience working in Flight Training. She has served as a Receptionist, Training Center Coordinator, Office Manager, and Director of Operations prior to being promoted to Chief Operating Officer.  In 2015, she took over as Owner and Chief Executive Officer of AeroStar Training Services, and transformed it into a multimillion-dollar international corporation. Under her leadership, AeroStar has gained recognition as one of the finest aviation-training providers in the world, by serving the needs of individuals as well as flight schools, colleges/universities, government agencies, and airlines across the globe. In addition to her success in the flight training industry, she is Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Spectrum Aero Maintenance Services in Kissimmee, FL (KISM).

Dave Hensley – Training Center Manager & Director of Training Services

Dave Hensley is the Training Center Manager and Director of Training Services for AeroStar. He is a retired Air Force Colonel with extensive commander experience in both high altitude reconnaissance and jet training operations. He is a graduateDave-Hensley-224x300 of the USAF Academy and also earned a Master of Education degree in curriculum and instruction from South Dakota State University. His military flying career includes experience as a WC-130 “Typhoon Chaser” weather reconnaissance pilot, a T-38 “Talon” advanced jet instructor and evaluator, as well as a U-2/TR-1 “Dragon Lady” instructor/evaluator. After a full military flying career, Dave retired and continued to fulfill his passion for aviation as a flight instructor. He was a flight academy Part 141 Chief Instructor and also a Part 142 Training Center Evaluator. He is a FAA Gold Seal flight instructor and also holds the National Association of Flight Instructor’s Master Flight Instructor designation. He has over 10,000 flight hours with over 5000 hours of dual instruction given and holds an Airline Transport Pilot license.


Rob Becker – Director of Flight Training

Rob Becker, our Director of Flight Training has been flight instructing full-time since 2009. Rob holds an ATP, MEL, and SEL license. Rob’s instructor ratings include CFI, CFII, and MEI with Gold Seal. He also has his Ground Instructor and Advanced Instrument Ground Instructor Ratings. He has 4,500 total flight hours and has given over 4,000 hours of instruction. He has also given 1,000 hours of multi-engine instruction. Rob has been happily married to his wife Lyn for 29 years and together they have two adult children. Prior to working in aviation, Rob owned a construction company for 26 years. 



Dr. Michelle Viens – Director of Operations                     Bio Pic

Dr. Michelle Viens is a professional business executive with over ten years of extensive experience in aviation training, business development, customer service, and management experience. With a Masters degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and a Doctorate in Business Administration, she offers a unique combination of technical, financial, and analytical skills to assist students from their first inquiry to graduation. Dr. Viens oversees the training center operations and assists with navigating students through their training with AeroStar, helping them to achieve their aviation career goals.


Marina Van Esselstyn – Director of Admissions

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Daniel Sanchez – Director of Business Development

Daniel Sanchez was born in Puerto Rico and was raised in Orlando, Florida. Before transitioning into aviation, he had his own Environmental Consulting and Testing Firm for over 10 years. However, aviation was always his passion. He started flight training in 2002 and finally in 2013, he earned his Commercial Pilot certificate. Since then, he has been able to continue his passion as a Professional Pilot and travel the world as an Aviation Business Development professional. He is currently pursuing his A320 type rating, since his passion for learning new things is something that he lives for. In his free time, he enjoys salsa dancing and spending time with family and friends.


Robin Frey – Director of Marketing

Over the past 12 years, Robin Frey has held marketing positions in various capacities including engineering, secondary education, & hospitality. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Illinois State University and is currently completing a Master in Business Administration with a focus on Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide. Prior to joining AeroStar, Robin taught high school career technical education business and marketing courses in Salem, Oregon. Ever since her discovery flight in 2015, she’s been hooked on aviation. She is also a member of Women in Aviation International. Her husband also works in aviation and they live in the Orlando area with their two dogs and two cats.


Andy Hammond – Training Center Coordinator

Andy Hammond grew up in Baltimore, MD, completed his A.B. Summa Cum Laude in English and Philosophy at Syracuse University as a double major, and attended the University of Cincinnati’s Ph.D program in Philosophy before dropping out and learning to fly airplanes instead. He’s worked as a CFI/CFII/MEI since 2001, earning Gold Seal status and specializing in Technically Advanced Aircraft and the training of other Certified Flight Instructors. He joined AeroStar in 2016 as our Training Center Coordinator. He can also teach you to juggle if you’ve got fifteen minutes.


Gary Roberts – Scheduling Coordinator 

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AeroStar Training Services’s Instructors

David Santo – A320 Examiner Captain & Instructor

Captain David Santo

Captain Santo has accumulated over 14,000 hours flying Airbus A319/320/321/330, Boeing B747-400, B-727, Douglas DC-9, Learjet, Citation Jet, and Hansa Jet HF-320 aircraft. Captain Santo has served in positions as Check Airman, Flight Test Captain, Delivery Captain, Simulator Instructor, Training Center Evaluator and line pilot for various well known airlines such as JetBlue Airways, North West Airlines (now part of Delta Airline), Atlas Airlines and American International Airways. Captain Santo is also one of the original founders and former President of AeroStar Training Services, who has experience developing, managing, and constructing training programs and facilities from inception to completion.

Guy Nebel – A320 Instructor 

Guy Nebel Headshot

Captain Nebel has accumulated over 20,000 flying hours, flying Airbus A-320, A-321, A-340-300, A-340-600, Boeing B-707, B-747-200, B-747-300, B-747-400, Douglas DC-8 and Lockheed L-1011. Captain Nebel has served in various positions as a Training Center Evaluator, Simulator Instructor and Check Pilot for various globally recognized airlines such as AeroPeru, Iberia, Tower Air and JetBlue. Captain Nebel has acquired worldwide experiences being based in the US, Europe, South America and China. Captain Nebel is also a graduate from the US Naval Academy and FIT.


Mike Barra – A320 Instructor
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Mike Charles – A320 Instructor
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Majid Khokhar – A320 Instructor
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Jon Heyl – B737 Instructor Jon Heyl

Captain Heyl has accumulated over 8,000 hours flying the Boeing 737 (BBJ, CL & NG), 767 and 747-400 along with the CE-650 and 500 and an additional 2,000 hours as SIM Instructor on 747, 767 and 737. Captain Heyl served as Training Center Evaluator (737), SIM, Ground and Flight Instructor, Chief Flight Instructor, Check Airman and TrainingCoordinator. Captain Heyl is currently a SIM, Ground Instructor and Check Airman on the Boeing 747-400 with Western Global Airlines, and previously flown with New Gen Airways (Bangkok, Thailand), Polaris, Swift Air, Miami Air and as Corporate Chief Pilot.


 Alex Pintado – B737 Instructor
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Peter Dunn – Ground ATP-CTP, Boeing & Airbus Instructor

Peter Dunn Headshot

Captain Pete Dunn is a long-time associate of AeroStar, having partnered together to launch the first collegiate jet type-rating program at Florida Tech. Seven Florida Tech seniors earned their A320 type rating from AeroStar as a result. Captain Dunn was also the lead faculty member when AeroStar trained ab-initio students for a major foreign carrier. In just five months, AeroStar instructors delivered 115 A320 and B737 type ratings: an incredible feat worthy of America’s largest airlines, and unprecedented for a Part 142 Academy. Finally, Captain Dunn worked closely with AeroStar’s Dave Hensley to create our ATP-CTP training program. This program has made AeroStar the largest provider of ATP-CTP courses in America, and leader in the industry.  

Rafael Madrid – Ground ATP-CTP, Boeing & Airbus Instructor

Captain Rafael Madrid has accumulated over 10,000 hours flying Boeing 767, Boeing 737, Airbus 320 family and Embraer 170/190 aircraft. Captain Madrid has served as Director of Flight Standards, Maintenance Test Pilot, Simulator Instructor, Line Instructor, Check Airman and Captain for various US-based and international airlines such as LAN Airlines, Eastern Air Lines, Spirit, and Republic Airlines. Captain Madrid is also currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science with a minor in Aerodynamics.


Joe Millard – Ground ATP-CTP, Boeing & Airbus Instructor

Joe has accumulated over 21,000 flying hours.  He is an Airline Transport Pilot for both single and multi-engine aircraft.  He is also type rated in the following aircraft: Saab 340, Fokker F-28, Boeing 737, 757, 767, Airbus A330-200, and has also flown the Boeing 727. Having made over 150 North Atlantic crossings, Millard flew for airlines Piedmont & USAirways for over 26 years.  Millard also has FAR 135 & 121 experience at Mississippi Valley Airlines & Silver Airways and Mountain Air Cargo. He grew up in aviation with a father who was a commercial pilot, flight instructor, and mechanic for American Airlines. His first airplane ride occurred at less than one month old.  Joe’s non-aviation activities include amateur radio, extra class, and antique cars.  Mr. Millard has taught college level aviation courses at Parks College in the past and is very excited to join AeroStar’s team of excellent instructors. 


Larry Maddox – Ground ATP-CTP, Boeing & Airbus Instructor

Captain Larry Maddox

Captain Maddox has accumulated over 22,000 hours flying B-727, B-737,
B-757 and B-767 aircraft.  He is also Duel ATP rated in Helicopters with a Bell 206 type. He flew Lear 55’s for Corporate Aviation prior to entering the Airline service with Continental/United Airlines where he served as a Senior Line Captain for 20 years before recently retiring.
Captain Maddox also served with the US Army for six years as an Assault and Attack Combat Helicopter Pilot. Additionally, he flew TH-55, Hugh’s 500, Bell-47, Bell 212 and Bell 206 in Vietnam Nam in Combat Support in UH-1s and AH-1g. He also has extensive helicopter experience offshore in support of the Oil industry in both the Gulf of Mexico and Persian Gulf during Iraq War 1.



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