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ATP-CTP Certification Training Program

The ATP-CTP course is a prerequisite for the FAA’s highest certificate. This training program will impart conceptual knowledge through academics and consolidate that knowledge through training in Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD). This course bridges the knowledge gap between a pilot who holds a commercial pilot certificate and a pilot operating in an air carrier environment.

ATP-CTP Course: 

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Duration: Approx. 7 Days

The first step toward the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate is the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP). This program meets the requirements of FAR §61.156. Successful completion of our 7-Day FAA-Approved course makes you eligible to take the ATP Multi-Engine (ATM) knowledge test, which you may take at any testing center. Our course is also approved for VA funding with veterans’ benefits.

Investment: $3,615.00

Upcoming Course Dates:

August 28th
September 5th & 18th
October 3rd & 18th
November 6th & 18th
December 4th & 18th

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ATP-CTP Certification Process:

Effective August 1, 2014, new eligibility requirements & a new knowledge test for the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate took effect. ATP certification now requires an academic ground school & FAA knowledge test before the ATP practical test.

1. ATP Certification Training Program
2. ATM Knowledge Test
3. ATP Practical Test or Type Rating

Course Includes:

  •  32 hrs / 4 days ground taught by an experienced airline pilot
  •  10 hrs / 3 days advanced flight simulation training in a Level D Full Flight A320 Sim
    • 4 hrs / 1 day of Level D Flight Training Device as crew
    • 6 hrs / 2 days of Level D Full Flight Sim (FFS) as crew
  1. Aerodynamics
    • High Altitude
    • Stall Prevention & Recovery
    • Upset Prevention & Recovery
  2. Meteorology
  3. Air Carrier Operations
    • Physiology / Fitness for Duty
    • Communication
    • Checklist Philosophy
    • Operational Control
    • Minimum Equipment/Deviations
    • Ground Operations
    • Turbine Engines
    • Transport Airplane Performance
    • Automation
    • Navigation / Flight Path Warning
  4. Leadership / Professional Development
    • Crew Resource Management CRM
    • Safety Culture and Programs
  5. Navigation
    • Flight Management Computers
    • IRS / GPS Navigation Systems VI. Automation
    • Auto Pilot
    • Auto Thrust / Throttles
    • Runway Safety & Adverse Weather
    • Low Visibility Operations
**Course dates, schedules, & locations are subject to change.


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