Interview Tips

Several of our graduates have asked for tips to help them land their dream job. Others have asked why some people seem to land jobs faster then others. The first step is getting invited to interview.

To both questions I believe when applying and hoping to be invited for an interview perseverance and effort are key ingredients. Ever heard the term “it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil”? You cannot simply fire off an application and expects it to be all that’s required. It’s going to take a whole lot more effort then that!

You’ll need to let the employer know your commitment and have resolve by making every effort to communicate with them as frequently as possible. Resend frequent updates or revision to your application and resume, call to followup on the process of your application and be both persistent and pleasant. If you receive communications from then that is disparaging don’t give up. Be the squeaky wheel and just keep trying!

If you receive a rejection letter use that letter as springboard to ask what you can do to better your qualification next time and make sure to let them know your going to be reapplying as many times as it take. Many successful airline pilots will tell you that they were turned down by potential employer’s and many more then once! Being turned down now doesn’t mean you’ll be turned down later. You’ve worked hard to obtain your pilot certificates and you cannot let a “no thank you” to any job application slow you down: Persevere and don’t take it personal and certainly don’t be shy!

Do your home work on the prospective employer to learn all about who they are and what they are looking for in pilot candidates. Try to identify the buzz words they use and lace these words into your corespondents to help illustrate yourself as their perfect employee prospect.

Get professional help preparing your application resume / CV and cover letter. You’re a professional pilot not a professional job seeker and that’s okay because you can always hire the services of people who specialize in interview preps. These services aren’t cheap but the return on investment will be huge if it helps land the job sooner.

Bottom line, it’s up to you to convince an employer your the right pilot for the job. Be confident, professional, and personable as you persistently communicate with resolve. Do your home work and seek the help of professional do get the job faster. And don’t be afraid to celebrate every rejection because it’s one “no” closer to a yes!