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Do you have WIA or VA benefits?

  Did you know? AeroStar Training Service is approved for WIA and VA benefits and programs in Kentucky and Central Florida! Contact us to find out how you could apply those benefits to acquire a type rating, a ATP CTP certificate, or other advanced training!

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RAA Convention Update – Future Pilot Career Outlook

We recently returned from the RAA convention and are very encouraged about the prospects for pilots starting airline careers. The Regional Airlines (members of the RAA) are an important career step for many of AeroStar's former students as they graduate to legacy carriers and wide-body pilot positions. Advancing through the ranks at a regional airline

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ATP CTP and Type Rating Courses – 2015 Class Start Dates

ATP CTP and Type Rating Courses - 2015 Class Start Dates Seniority is everything in the airline industry - the sooner you complete your ATP CTP or Type Rating Course, the sooner you qualify to acquire your certificate and apply for the job you want most! Enroll online now. ATP CTP Contact School A320 Standard

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Airline Pilot Career Workshop – A Second Career for 55+ Pilots?

Paula Williams - Fantastic. And Jim from Brazil says he was flying a B 737. He's a Hawker 400 captain now jet, jet transition instructor. Okay, I guess that wasn't really a question, so we'll move on. Let's see, and here's another one. I'm 52 years old, I've always dreamed of flying.

 30 years ago

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Pilot Jobs – Moving Back to the US from Overseas

Paula Williams - Great. Robert from Oklahoma has, is looking at moving back to the US from overseas, he's rated in the B737 and A320 and looking to do the ATP on his Airbus certificate and get a job.   Captain David Santo - So all great goals, and I think it's I'd love to

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Airline Pilot Careers – The Time Building Conundrum Part I

Questions from aspiring pilots about the "Time Building Conundrum" Paula Williams - All right Eduardo from Spain says I would like to earn a B737 type rating. I have an an ATPL, well I'll let you read all the letters there. And I would like to know what is the best, easiest, and least expensive

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How To Be A Great Pilot

Captain David Santo answers questions from our Airline Career Workshop. Paula Williams Fantastic. Well, let's dive into the questions, and I know you've already kind of answered some of these, but, you know, we can kind of apply what you've talked about already to these questions. And if you want me to flip back to

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ATP-CTP Course – Be Part of History

Aerostar is offering it's  first ATP CTP course beginning April 27, and we have a seat for you! This course is for pilots looking to complete their ATP written exam.   Duration - This course can be accomplished in 7 days and includes 4 days of ground school - includes a blend of lecture, virtual

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ATP CTP Programs and recurrent b737 ATP-CTP or a320 recurrent ATP-ctp

Transcript: Paula Williams: Fantastic. We did have one other question and I’m not sure if we want to do that now or later. You can tell me, Dave. Do you have a take on MPL implementation? David Santo: MPL is not something that we’re currently involved with at AeroStar. We know that the industry outside

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