Airlines love “Cabin Crew Training Course” offered at AeroStar

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to wake up in Los Angeles and go to bed in Paris? Or how about seeing New York from above at sunrise and the Grand Canyon at sunset? Flight attendants don’t just wonder about things like these- they live them! Flight attendants or “Cabin Crew Members” represent one of the largest job categories in the air travel industry. In the United States alone, the airlines employ approximately 115,000 flight attendants and hire over 10,000 more each year to replace the aging workforce. In 2014, cabin crew members in the U.S earned $38.00 per hour an average.

Cabin Crew Training
Aerostar Cabin Crew Training

Due to the glamourous nature of the position and the many benefits, the airlines receive thousands of applications each day. With all the competition, the odds of being selected for an interview are very low. Less than two percent of applicants are selected to interview. However, if your dream is to be a flight attendant there are ways to highly improve your chances of landing that coveted position.

First, it’s important to understand the airline hiring process and the high cost associated with it. Cabin crew training is an expensive and timely process. Resumes are selected based on very specific key words, training and work experience. The interview process can be very challenging not to mention stressful. Once hired, the applicant is selected as a candidate for cabin crew training. Due to the knowledge required and the physical demands, less than a third of candidates will make it through the cabin crew training process and become an employee.

The airlines lose money when a candidate doesn’t pass their training. So to be cost effective, the airlines prefer to hire directly from a cabin crew training program. At AeroStar Training Services, the students have already displayed their ability to perform in the demanding cabin crew environment. While in classes at AeroStar, classes are taught by experienced flight attendants in an approved cabin crew training facility by experts who know exactly what the airlines are looking for. The program has been hugely successful in helping people land their dream job as a flight attendant & managed to significantly lower the airlines cost by providing applicants who have proven their abilities to perform in a cabin crew position.

The cabin crew training classes at AeroStar are very popular and fill up fast, so contact Aerostar’s Flight Attendant Enrollment Specialist Devin Messer to secure your spot in the next cabin crew class and launch your career as a flight attendant and start living your dream!

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