Letter from one of the first graduates of our Flight Attendant Training Program – Flight Attendant School in Florida

What is the best flight attendant school in Florida?  What is the best way to learn how to become a flight attendant?

Consider this letter from one of our students!

We received a letter from one of our graduates of our Flight Attendant School in Florida, and asked for her permission to share it with you!

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Flight Attendant School in Florida

Jet Blue University

Attention: Gilian, Dave Santos, Scott Green, Mike, Cindy, and Catherine.

Flight Attendant Training Program - Flight Attendant School in FloridaI wanted to take the time and say thank you and how privileged and such an honor it was to have been a part the flight attendant training program –  such an elite group and organization.  WOW!!  So much knowledge learned.   First and for most to Gilian:  What a great woman you are.  You were always there and so caring to see if I ever had any questions or if I needed some accommodations. The most important thing to me is that I got to actually talk to u and you always got back with me.  I so much appreciate that. You gave me an outstanding Hotel the Hyatt Place to stay.

Dave Santos:  You take such pride in the way you say, how important it is to take ownership. I set at my gate watching passengers, flight attendants and pilots etc., gather to the gate and leave where ever they were going.  I remember what you said to take a look around and see there are moms, dads and children and grandparents not knowing what the circumstance why they might be flying that day.  I found myself taking such great pride in what I learned and feeling the pride and wanting to be such a part of great service. You gave me the strength and knowledge for great interviewing skills.  I find those very helpful.

Scott Green, I wanted to thank you for taking time and coming in and taking such a part of the interview process and allowing us to be able to enter the Pilots Simulator. Not everyone gets these opportunities.  You gave such great knowledge of interviewing questions.  All this information from you is so valuable to me..

Mike, You wow me with your English and accent I love it J.     (steers) J lol. You made the class wonderful.  You have lots of experience and knowledge.  The way you present the material is awesome.  You absolutely take the time to make sure that we didn’t have any questions or that we all understood it.  That showed me that you cared.  I know that the schooling would be much more intense but I believe that you have prepared me greatly for it. You see that I’m a note person.  J  I’m so so ready.  I hope you, Dave and Scott had a great Father’s Day.

Cindy and Catherine, you two are such outstanding and professional women, but you have the side of you that is so approachable.  I like that in a person.  You took so much time putting together the program the opportunities to meet some very important people.  I see that both of you take pride in your jobs and do want to help and see other people with their new career path. I know the time it takes from all of your family’s to do something extra like this.  It is evident that you all want to mentor and want people to succeed.  I feel as I have known all of you for a long time.  When I boarded the plane I was so vigilant and took the knowledge that both of you taught me.  Catherine:  I counted my seats to the exit row.  I looked for my able body person (ABP)J  When seating I watched the different gestures of commands.  Just like you all had said; no two airlines are the same, but still all have the same concept. We are there for the safety first and take pride in customer service to ensure they have a great experience and confidence in the hiring process.  I even seen as we got to altitude the pilot signaled, they secured the cock pit and he went to the bathroom.  I listened to the different chimes and new what they meant.  I had a slight layover in ATL and then headed to IND.  This gave me a chance to see actions twice and apply what I have learned.  When I arrived the IND airport there was no doubt that this is my new found career.  I’m emailing as requesting by Dave; in an PDF file my resume to summit to contacts.  It would be my honor and privilege to be a part of Jet Blue.. AS YOU KNOW those are the one and only Indy Colts colors… BLUE and WHITE   … Go Colts..!!!!

Jet Blue is an awesome company. Each and every one of you have taken such pride in looking and being professional crew members. Taking the time to care for this program shows the passion that I you all feel about your job and mentoring those you teach. I too want to be that person taking the pride in mentoring process as you have done with me.


Jennifer Bartelson