A Day in the Life of an AeroStar Student

By Kim Jones

Day in the life of a flight studentSo, you are considering AeroStar as your flight school and you’re wondering what a typical day in the life of one of our flight students would be like.

As one of our students, you would wake up at one of our recommended hotels where you would eat breakfast. Our recommended hotels have many wonderful food options and the surrounding area has many outstanding choices as well.

Shuttle service is provided each day to and from your ground school location or sim location.  We have found most students like to have their own rental car so they can get around freely.

A student completing our traditional 21 day program would attend Virtual Flight deck ground school for 9 days.  A school day is approximately 8 hours per day with weekends off in most cases.

Each class is different, but many get lunch off campus together as friendships develop during training. We have a list of our favorite delivery spots for those who wish to order in. The same holds true for dinner, though many will grab something and return to the hotel at the end of their day where you will study and sleep.

When you have completed your ground school you will be ready for sim training.  You will train in one of our state of the art Simulators.  Four, Level 5 Flight Training Devices, advanced courseware technology, are all housed in State-of-the-Art facilities supported by a team of experienced pilot instructors. These instructors are dedicated to making your training experience professional and enjoyable.

All training requires crew partners and your schedule would look like this:

  • FTD (flight training device) for first session 2-hours each pilot
  •  FFS (full flight simulator) Level D 2-5 module session
  •  FFS (full flight simulator)  Level D sim check ride last session 2 hours each pilot

This is a good overview as to what you can expect as an AeroStar student.  If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us directly.  In the meantime,   did we mention we are located in Orlando, Florida? Orlando has sunny weather and occasional rainfall throughout the year.  The average annual temperature is a cozy 72.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Does it get any better than that!

Congratulations to our latest AeroStar graduating class!  We are proud to report all 12 students including 3 from FIT have passed!  Job well done!

For more information or to enroll in our next available class, email [email protected] or call 1.407.888.9011. You can also join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.