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Additional Career Development & Professional Courses

The following courses are available to enhance and complement your type rating program:

Interview Prep:

This course, developed and taught by experienced pilot interviewers, will help you excel in your interview. You will learn how to organize your thoughts and present yourself in a positive and confident way to a potential employer. There are lots of interview prep courses. What makes AeroStar a better choice is that our facilitators actually hire pilots for a living and have personally been involved in the creation of airline pilot selection programs. No one knows how to get you hired faster than the interview prep INterview Prepstaff at AeroStar.

Basic price $350.00

MCC/Jet Transition:

If you have never flown a swept wing high performance jet before, you’ll want to enroll in this very informative course. Our experienced jet pilot instructors walk you through the key points of flying high speed aircraft. After completing 16 hours of classroom ground school you’ll apply what you’ve learned in one of our A320 level 5 FTDs. The course covers such key points as swept wing aerodynamics, high altitude performance, and flight physiology, multi-engine crew coordination, ATC handling, and more. We highly recommend this course for new jet Jet Transitionpilots before enrolling in a type rating course!

Investment: $2,600.00 

Simulator Observation:

This course allows you to observe actual A320 or B737NG simulator training. You will join an actual training crew as they brief their simulator session and then observe the simulator as the trainees are put through their lesson. This is a very cost effective way to learn how simulator training is accomplished while gaining a tremendous insight into the complexity of large aircraft operations and crew coordination. Once the session is completed, you’ll participate in the debriefing simulator observationto help reinforce the learning experience.

Investment: $1,000.00

Cabin Emergency and Evacuation Training:

If you think flight simulation is realistic, wait till you experience the heart pounding scenarios encountered in our cabin simulators. As professional airline pilots it is absolutely essential that we work well coordinating with our flight attendants. This course helps fully prepare you to excel as a flight leader while helping you gain valuable experience in aircraft emergencies. Every airline pilot should take this course to better understand what’s happening behind the flight deck door in an emergency.

Investment: TBA

Cockpit Resource Management Training:

Taught by an experienced airline captain and airline CRM instructor, this course will arm you with real world tools and tips for improving communication between flight crew members, ATC, Company dispatch / operations, and all available resources. Learning how to work effectively as a team with the resources available will help you develop the synergy necessary to overcome any error chain, stop mistakes, and avoid hazardous situations.

Investment: TBA

Written Test Prep:

Our instructors provide written test prep for all the required FAA pilot certification tests. Your success is guaranteed by AeroStar or we will refund your money!

Investment: TBA

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