TSA Application Instructions


TSA Application Instructions for Category 1 & 2 Applicants

AeroStar Training Takes Place in the United States.

To comply with the requirements to enter the United States as a flight student, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has established a program for foreign students.  This is different from the airport security,  TSA Precheck program, or TSA Traveler numbers you may be familiar with if you’ve traveled to the United States.

TSA’s Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP).  Below you will find information on applicability,  step by step guidance on submitting a request to the enrollment center for flight training, and answers to frequently asked questions Information on this page applies to non-U.S. citizens who wish to conduct flight training in an aircraft weighing less than 12,500 (typically under a Category 3 training request).

For more information, contact AOPA’s Pilot Information Center at 1-800-USA-AOPA.  Any questions about the AFSP may also be directed to the AFSP Help Desk at (571) 227-1004 or AFSP.Help@dhs.gov.Please review TSA’s Help Desk guidelines before contacting the Help Desk.

Here are the TSA Application Instructions:

Step 1: Flight training candidate requests an account to access the Alien Flight Student
by completing the account request form. You will access the TSA website: www.flightschoolcandidates.gov

Once there, you will go the section that says Create A New Account.
Click ‘ENTER’, and this will take you through the instructions on how to set up your account with TSA. Remember to always submit personal information exactly as it appears on your passport.
Step 2: A User ID and password are automatically emailed to the flight-training candidate by TSA. This allows the candidate to access the web site and complete the application.
Step 3: The candidate completes online forms with the following information:
A.   Residence and citizenship;
B.   Places and terms of employment;
C.   Details of the requested training; (See A & B below)
D.   Other background information.
E.   Candidate must select Florida, then Aerostar Training Services
F.   Additional information such as:
Course ID – The type of aircraft. Examples: B737, A320, etc.
Course Name – The type of aircraft followed by the nature of training. Examples: B737 Initial, A320 Initial, etc. (This selection must coincide with the Course ID)
Aircraft – Again, the type of aircraft. Examples: B737, B737NG, A320, etc. (This selection must coincide with Course Name and Course ID)
Step 4: When candidate completes the application, they will be redirected to the home page where they will need to go to the bottom of the page and select the “Validate & Submit” button. If there are any errors in the application, they will need to be corrected before continuing. The “Validate & Submit” process may have to be repeated if errors continue to appear on the application.
Note: The application will not be considered submitted until this process is completed. This is different from the Trusted Traveler programs.
Step 5: Upon submission of the completed forms, the training provider will be able to validate the candidate’s application on the AFSP website.
Step 6: Upon validation of the candidate by the training provider, the candidate will receive an email from TSA advising them to pay the $130 processing fee. They will be able to do so by going to the bottom of the application form. (Last button on the right with a $ dollar sign in it). This will take them to fee payment form.
Step 7: The AFSP will then send confirmation of payment along with instructions for the candidate’s fingerprinting process.
Step 8: After the fingerprints have been submitted to Washington, the AFSP will send an email confirming receipt of the fingerprints. This begins the waiting period clock – 30 days for CAT 1; 5 days for CAT 2.
Step 9: Student/Candidate  MUST monitor all email messages from AFSP in case they send an email requesting additional information.
Step 10: The AFSP will submit a written approval for the candidate to begin training. Upon completion off all of these steps, training may commence.
It is important all applicants notify us via email their TSA app has been submitted.

Application Instructions for Category 4 (Recurrent Training) Applicants:

Step 1: Flight training candidate requests an account to access the Alien Flight Student Program by completing the account request form. You will access the TSA website: www.flightschoolcandidates.gov
If you already have an account with TSA, log-in to your account and update the personal information, documents and go to training request section.
Step 2: Once you have opened the account you will need to create a User ID and Password.  Your User ID and Password are your personal identifiers unique to the TSA.  You will use this UID & PW each time you need to enter a new training application with TSA.  Do not lose this information or you will need to contact TSA via email requesting a new UID & PW in order to continue with an application process.
Step 3: Recurrent Training applicants must complete steps 1 thru step 6 in the Category 4 Recurrent Training Section of the TSA pre website. Please input your personal information exactly as it appears on your documents (Passport, Visa and Pilot License). If the name that appears on your passport is different in any way from the name that appears on your pilot license, because you have shortened it or modified in any way, then you must complete the section for A/K/A/ alias name. Do not submit a license and a passport where names do not match without completing this section or your application will not be processed.
Step 4: Submit and upload images of each document, passport, pilot license (must show current type rating for equipment in which training is being requested), visa, separately for each document.
Step 5: Select the provider: First select the Provider Location, then click on the SEARCH button. The list of Providers  and enrollment centers will be listed and you will select AeroStar Training Services as provider.
Step 6: Click on the Icon ” Category 4 ” Recurrent training request.” A new window will open.
It is important all applicants notify us via email their TSA app has been submitted.
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Note – this is different from the TSA pre check or TSA Trusted Traveler Programs.

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