Summer Flight Training Special Offers

Summer is a great time to jump start your career with flight training! AeroStar will reward a few hardy souls who take the initiative to sign up early!

Flight Training Special Offers –

ATP CTP and A320 upgrade/conversion $9,200 for July classes only.

Only limited seats available in each class date. This special can not be used for any other months or reschedules

A320 Upgrade/Foreign License Conversion

Approximately 8-9 days

  • 3.5 days of ground – includes a blend of lecture, virtual flight, and CBT
  • 3 level D full flight sim sessions including a LOFT (12 hrs per crew)
  • 1 oral & practical exam in a level D sim by an in-house evaluator (5 hrs per crew)
  •  Starts July 11th & 26th

A320 atp ctp Certification Course

Approximately 7-9 days

  • 4 days of ground – includes blend of lecture, virtual flight, and CBT
  • 6 hrs of level D full flight sim per multi-crew in A320
  • Starts July 3rd, 11th, 15th, 21st, and 27th

Note – The Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program is an FAA mandated prerequisite prior to accomplishing the ATP written Exam.

*All Type Rating Courses Require an iPad. All courses are expected to fill quickly, so complete the application to reserve your seat today!

New A320 Sim Arrives at AeroStar Hangar

Last week our newly purchased A320 simulator was delivered to our AeroStar hangar at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport. The sim arrived on two gigantic trucks, which were escorted by a caravan of vehicles (quite the sight!) and was finally unloaded into the sim bay that was built in our new hangar over the last several months.

This is the first of several sims that have been acquired by AeroStar, which will provide future students with the opportunity to complete all training in-house and not have to travel to other locations for the simulator portion of their training. “We look forward to making our sim training more convenient for our students and having state-of-the-art equipment on-site that we will also be able to lease out and use for many years to come,” said Deidra Toye, AeroStar’s president & CEO. 

The official launch date of our new on-location sim training is March 2018. Check back for updates on our progress! 

new a320 sim

Reasons to get an A320 Type Rating

Reasons to get an A320 Type Rating!

As an aspiring pilot, it is smart to do your homework about which aircraft qualifications will make you the most marketable as a pilot. You certainly don’t want to spend a lot of money getting qualified in an aircraft only to find that there are no jobs in that particular aircraft type.

Getting a type rating in the Airbus 320 is probably the safest bet – each time an aircraft is sold, more jobs for captains and first officers are created.

Here are recent orders for Airbus A320s by domestic and international carriers.

  • Qatar Airways selects 50 Airbus A320neo and 5 additional A380s
  • Spirit Airlines signs commitment for 75 Airbus A320 Family jets
  • Aviation Capital Group signs firm order for 30 A320neo  
  • ALAFCO expands commitment to 80 Airbus A320neo 
  • Republic finalizes order for 80 A320neo Family aircraft
  • Lao Airlines becomes new Airbus operator
  • JetBlue signs firm order for 40 A320neo aircraft
  • TAM finalizes order for 32 A320 Family aircraft, including 22 A320neo
  • Qantas and Airbus seal biggest order in Australian aviation history
  • Airbus sees demand for over 27,800 aircraft in the next 20 years