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If log book time, pressurized aircraft endorsement, or a type rating stands between you and your dream job, we can help in just ten days.

Price & Employment Assurance

We want you to make the best investment in your career, so we offer unprecedented assurances of our prices and your employment opportunities.

First Class Airline Pilot Training, including ATP CTP

Founded by airline professionals, for professional airline pilots.

AeroStar Training Services, provider of first class airline pilot training, was founded by airline professionals in 2008. An FAA Certified 142 Training Center, we serve the needs of individuals seeking a career as a successful airline professional.

We offer a wide range of certification and endorsement programs in airline pilot training including ATP CTP aircraft type ratings in the Airbus A320 Series, Boeing 737, Boeing 737NG and BBJ.  We also provide airline management and personnel services, in addition to professional flight attendant training.

AeroStar always welcomes international students!

Why Choose AeroStar?

  • Clear, engaging, courseware allows flexibility to learn at home, and arrive oriented & prepared to make the most of your time with us.
  • Curious about type rating cost and return on investment? A320 & B737 type ratings qualify you for a great career in the most popular airline aircraft in the world.
  • World-class, computer-based or classroom ground school training gives you solid background knowledge to feel confident in the cockpit.
  • Most advanced simulators that provide realistic flight experiences before you ever leave the ground.
  • Experienced airline faculty with a passion for teaching – they care about your success & spend the time to be sure you understand & have a great time.
Now hiring - We are looking for A320/B737 instructors!
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Airline Consulting
Airline Consulting

Top Notch!

I am very satisfied with the training which I received at AeroStar. From the theory portion to the practical techniques, and knowledge level of the instructors, all experiences were top notch!

JongCheul Park