Celebrating Women in Aviation: Meet Julaisy Ramos, Manager of Maintenance Administration at Aerostar Training Services

The aviation industry has always been an exciting and challenging field, and it takes a committed and passionate person to truly  to succeed in it.

Julaisy Ramos, Manager of Maintenance Administration at Aerostar Training Services, is one of those people. She has worked her way up from an avionics technician to her current position, and is currently pursuing her private pilot certification. As we celebrate Women in Aviation Week, we take a closer look at Julaisy’s journey and her experiences in the aviation industry.

Julaisy’s love for aviation began early, with a fascination for the sound of turbines and the feeling of taking off. Although no one in her family had any background in aviation, Julaisy knew that it was the field she wanted to pursue. After graduating from high school, she originally wanted to join the Airforce to become a rescuer who jumps out of planes. However, she ultimately decided to study avionics technology, which eventually led her to Aerostar.

Throughout her journey, Julaisy has had the support of mentors and teachers who have helped her grow and succeed in the industry. One of her mentors, David Ramos, motivated her to continue in the industry and introduced her to Aerostar. At Aerostar, she has had many teachers who have helped her understand aviation concepts and she has worked with a great team who has supported her through the challenges.

For Julaisy, the best part of her job is seeing the smiles on the faces of those who come to Aerostar for the first time to use the full-scale simulator, as well as the smiles of pilots when they complete their certifications. She enjoys being a part of an industry that provides an important service and helps people achieve their goals.

Julaisy is also working on obtaining her private pilot certification, and while her initial goal is personal, she has not ruled out the idea of becoming a commercial pilot in the future. For anyone considering a career in aviation, Julaisy advises that it is a beautiful field, but it requires a lot of effort, dedication, and sacrifice. However, she believes that the reward is worth it, and that the feeling of flying is worth any sacrifice.

For those mentoring women in aviation, Julaisy’s advice is to keep going until you surpass society’s perspectives. She encourages aspiring aviators to be willing to learn, and to allow others with more experience to train and guide them. In the end, she believes that with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn, anyone can succeed in the aviation industry.

Julaisy’s story is a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance. She has overcome challenges and worked her way up in the aviation industry, and she continues to pursue her passion for flying. Her experiences can inspire others to pursue their own dreams, and her advice can guide others in their own journeys. We are proud to have Julaisy on our team at Aerostar, and we celebrate her and all women in aviation.

AeroStar & Khmer Pilot Training Partnership

KISSIMMEE, Fla – AeroStar Training Services & Khmer Pilot Training Co. recently signed an agreement at the APATS conference in Singapore, for AeroStar to become Khmer’s preferred A320 Type Rating, ATP/CTP & MCC training provider. Khmer Pilot Training is a Cambodian collaboration of Khmer local pilots, aviation training experts, and American aviation training organizations, with a vision to create an opportunity for local students to become airline pilots for airlines operating in Cambodia. “We look forward to working together in this new partnership,” said Deidra Toye, CEO of AeroStar. 


A320 Simulator Dry Lease Opportunity

new simulator

With our new Airbus A320 Level D flight simulator now fully operational, we have the opportunity to lease hours to airlines and training organizations. A Level D simulator can simulate all aircraft systems that are accessible from the flight deck and are critical to pilot training. Our simulator is located at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport, with easy access just 30 minutes from the Orlando International Airport. 

Lease Benefits with AeroStar Include:

• Use of modern FAA certified Level D Device

• Premium hours available and tiered dry lease rates based on hours booked

• Sims can run 20 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Wet and dry lease on A320 & b737 available 

• Classrooms and meeting rooms available for rent

• Assistance with hotel accommodation and travel arrangements

A Boeing b737 simulator has also been acquired by AeroStar and will begin operating in early 2019. Companies may inquire about sim hour availability, or to learn more about our newest service by calling (407) 888-9011 or emailing [email protected] 

AeroStar Signs MOU with Fly Smart Flight Training

Last week AeroStar’s CEO, Deidra Toye signed an MOU with Felipe Sierra of Fly Smart Flight Training, a flight school located at the Kissimmee Airport. Fly Smart enables students to gain their initial pilot certificate and offers training through CFII. This partnership will help both companies cross promote unique training offerings to their students such as type ratings and foreign license conversions. AeroStar has been operating since 2008 in Orlando and is currently undergoing a major building expansion effort at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport.


To learn more about some of the advanced training programs offered at AeroStar, visit https://aerostartyperatings.com/pilot-training/professional-pilot-courses/ and for info on Fly Smart courses, please visit http://www.learntoflysmart.com/portraits

ATP CTP Partnership Announcement

Eagle Flight

AeroStar Training and Eagle Flight Centre of Michigan are pleased to announce a new partnership for ATP CTP training. Details on course are below:

What: Eagle Flight Centre & AeroStar Training Services are offering a new joint ATP CTP class that will allow pilots to complete the ground school portion of their training locally.

Who: Pilots wanting to acquire their ATP certificate. Successful completion of the atp ctp course makes you eligible to take the ATP Multi-Engine (ATM) knowledge test, which you may take at any testing center.

Where: Ground school will take place at Eagle Flight Centre in Michigan and simulator training will be held at AeroStar Training Service’s facilities in Florida.

When: Classes are enrolling students now and will start next month pending minimum enrollment requirements.

Cost: $3,815.00/7 Days

Contact: Tom Simon (email [email protected] or call (734) 481-3000 for more info)

SkyBlue Jet Aviation & AeroStar Partnership Effort

This week AeroStar & SkyBlue Jet Aviation, of Stuart, Florida are teaming up to promote their type ratings services. AeroStar offers pilot type ratings training in the A320 and B737 aircraft, along with ATP CTP, and SkyBlue Jet Aviation offers Initial Citation type rating and recurrent training.

“We look forward to working together with SkyBlue Jet Aviation. This partnership will provide great exposure opportunities for both companies,” said Daniel Sanchez, AeroStar’s Director of Business Development.


AeroStar Now Offering Charter Services

In a new partnership agreement, AeroStar will now offer charter services on a fleet of twin-engine Learjet31A aircrafts through AirBrock Charter Company at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport. Why travel commercial anymore when you can travel in your own private jet customized for your travel needs?!

These jets can carry up to eight passengers and two crew members, reach speeds of Mach 0.81 and have an impressive long distance range of 1,300 miles. You will travel in comfort with beige leather seating, high gloss cherry veneer cabins, two executive writing tables, forward refreshment center, ice drawer, food tray drawer and beverage storage.


AirBrock holds a reputation for providing the highest quality of private jet charter services in Orlando, Florida since 2008. AirBrock is also a gold rated ARGUS member and Wyvern member.


Do you have an upcoming need for a private charter for your company or for pleasure? Give us a call to book your exceptional charter flight today! Call (407) 888-9011.


Announcement of Partnership with RwandAir

RwandAir Selects AeroStar for Advanced Flight Training for Flight Crew

AeroStar Training Services has been awarded a contract to provide RwandAir, the flag carrier of Rwanda, with advanced flight training services for senior first officers with a purpose of obtaining FAA Airline Transport Pilot Licenses.

“We are pleased to partner with RwandAir and look forward to building a successful relationship that will benefit both parties,” said Marina Van Esselstyn, Director of Admissions at AeroStar who is responsible for winning and overseeing the contract.

AeroStar Training Services has expanded to offer a wide range of courses supporting both airlines and individual flight crew training, and provides many training solutions, which include type ratings on A320 and B737 aircraft, ATP-CTP course necessary to obtain FAA ATP license, Jet Transition, Multi-Crew Coordination, Ab-Initio pilot training, and Flight Attendant training.

If you are interested in learning more about how AeroStar can assist in providing training support for your employees, please email [email protected] or visit www.aerostartyperatings.com.

AeroStar and FTD Announce New Partnership

AeroStar Training Services, headquartered in Orlando, Florida together with Flight Training Devices, LLC are pleased to announce a new partnership in the field of aerial personnel training. This venture is to become a fruitful partnership aiming to offer an advanced flight training flow-through solution to FTD students.

The company was founded with the purpose to provide simulator flight training service from ab initio all the way to jet aircraft. FTD also represents Redbird Flight Simulators a company based in Austin, Texas. The idea is to provide the school’s student pilots, as well as professional pilots the most efficient and convenient pilot training package that will fit each ones requirements and needs.

AeroStar operates simulation training centers and provides aircraft type ratings, namely the Airbus a320 type rating & the Boeing 737 Classic & NG versions. AeroStar also offers jet transition Training & the ATP-CTP. Aerostar recognizes substantial value in multi-crew member flight deck operation training for transitioning pilots from FTD. A Memorandum of Understanding between FTD and AeroStar was signed at the 2016 World Aviation Training Symposium in Orlando, FL. Both companies already have attractive plans and hope to start a successful cooperation project leading to many thoroughly trained airline pilots.

bryan pilcher
AeroStar signs MOU agreement with FTD