FAA Approves Part 142 Training Center to Provide Innovative ATP-CTP Programs

Orlando, FL — AeroStar Training Services, LLC is one of the first Part 142 flight training centers to receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval on an in-house Airline Transport Pilot certification training program (ATP-CTP).

The ATP-CTP became a requirement on Aug. 1, 2014 for new pilots wanting to attain their ATP certification, which qualifies them to fly commercial aircraft. The CTP must be taken before a new pilot can take the ATP written test.

“Our mission is to help aviation students realize their career dreams, and find innovative ways to meet the challenges involved,” said David Santo, founder of AeroStar. “We provide training that meets requirements and more importantly, produces safe pilots who are ready to meet the challenges they will find in the air AND on the ground.”

AeroStar has worked closely with the FAA to develop time and cost-effective programs that meet the rigorous requirements for ATP-CTP certification. Successful completion of any of AeroStar’s ATP courses allow the candidate to take the ATP written exam.   They have also created courses that use required simulator time to serve the requirements for both the ATP-CTP certification and a type rating, making graduates qualified candidates for more flying jobs at a considerable savings.

An innovative ATP-CTP ground school program provides AeroStar instructors and materials to selected partners, such as state colleges, Part 61 and Part 141 programs, so that students can complete the four-day ground school program on-siteATP-CTP at AeroStar.

“We understand that airlines, flight schools and students need to meet this challenge, so we are doing what we can to provide quality, flexible training programs that meet their needs within time and expense parameters.” said Santo.

“Some airlines, such as Lufthansa and Emirates, have already begun recruiting individuals who meet their qualifications other than flight training, and provide ab initio training programs. Partnerships with airlines and flight schools allow us to create custom programs that meet these changing needs with qualified candidates.”

For more information about AeroStar’s ATP-CTP programs, Flight School partnerships, or airline partnerships for ab initio training, contact Captain David Santo, AeroStar Training Services, LLC.

About AeroStar Training Services, LLC

AeroStar Training Services is a US-based, FAA approved Part 142 Training Center specializing in pilot and flight attendant training utilizing the latest advances in aviation training technology. AeroStar was founded in 2008 by a team of experienced airline pilots with a vision that aviation training should be realistic, state of the art, and provide an enjoyable learning experience. The team focused on providing flight training using the most advanced equipment available, delivered by experienced professional airline pilot instructors.


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