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AeroStar Training Services welcomes clients from all over the world and can assist you with TSA/Visa Clearances. We are ready assist all of our clients, from individuals to large airlines. If you are attempting to schedule a large group for training in the US, please let us know before you contact your embassy and we will reach out to that embassy to prepare them for your application. This may help to expedite your processing.

Do your pilots need FAA Ratings? We can assist with foreign license conversion to US ratings!

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Please note, if you have a Yahoo email address: we have been experiencing some issues for the past couple months with not being able to receive these messages. We have checked with our email provider and web host and the problem seems to be on Yahoo’s end. Several companies have also reported the same email bounce issue and it appears their engineering team is working on a solution. So please provide an alternate email address if possible for the time being. Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

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